Who are we?
We are a family company and we want to show the legacy of our land and its magical places. Our main goal is to give a high quality service to fulfill the national and international requirements.

Altiplanic Spirit experience is not to follow the average way to do tourism but we want to increase the interaction with nature, culture and local traditions along with special activities which is a must if you are thinking about visiting The Atacama Desert and San Pedro de Atacama because the best way to do so is interacting directly with local people and it is for this reason that our staff such as guides and drivers are Likan Antai.

They will share with you myths and legends which belong to their ancestors and in that way you will be able to walk through places where humans have been living for thousands of years. Our goal and concern is to give a suitable service which fulfills the requirements and necessities of every traveler offering high quality explorations.

The best experience to feel the magic and spirit of the desert comes from us.

Your comments are important to us. If you have any question please fill up the following form.

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