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Machuca /Río Grande (Big River)

Duration: 7 to 9 hours (5 to 7 hours walking)
Difficulty: Medium +
This exploration is recommendable for those who want to go up volcanoes because it is useful for acclimation. This hiking starts at 4.000 meters above sea level and goes on using Peñaliri River bottom at an average altitude of 3.600 meters above sea level and because of this altitude we will be able to see llamas and characteristic birds of this zone. We will have lunch in the abandoned Village of Peñaliri and then we will visit the abandoned terraces of Peñaliri watching "cactáceas" and we will reach the last part of the Salty Mountain Chain. This exploration finishes in Río Grande (Big River) which is a village where we can see garlic and Altiplanic corn crops as well as other vegetables.

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